miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013


Siempre es difícil decirle adios a Karina!
Mi adorada Karina se va por un mes a tierras lejanas, a otro continente, muy lejos de mi!
Ahora está en NY de donde tomará su vuelo a Ghana.
Hoy le escribí un email del largo de mi brazo, en donde le digo lo mucho que la amo y lo mucho que la voy a extrañar!
Evelis la extraña mas que yo, la busca en su cuarto, en la casa...por todas partes.
Cuando habla con ella por teléfono se pone de mal humor y tira el teléfono y le da golpes (creo que está enojada porque la dejó).
No hay amor mas grande que el de una madre!

Dear Karina,

You are my heart and soul. Since the moment you came into this world, you have had an effect on me that is impossible to put into words. You have smiled since day one and I love the way you go after everything in life with such flare and optimism. I hope that you always allow your wonderful self to shine. Do not let others tell you how to act or who to be. Do not let others let you waiver from your own path. Above all else, do not let anyone make you feel anything other than amazing. You are intelligent, sincere, empathetic, giving, creative, and oh so beautiful. Know that you have been blessed with everything you need in life to succeed and find happiness. This world is an amazing and challenging place. It is yours to savor, navigate, and enjoy. Live each day with a sense of gratitude and life will honor your heart. I will be beside you every step of the way. I will hold your hand, cheer you on, pick you up, and watch you discover all that it means to be you. May God continue to Bless you and may this trip be the best experience of you life.
Love you always,
Tu mami Kary

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  1. Thanks mom. I love you a ton and Evelis too.