domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

A Nice Weekend with Chef Barillas

This weekend our church was blessed with an amazing guest -Julio Barillas. “Chef Julio”, presented a seminar that focused on practical nutrition and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle from the foods we eat. Barillas learned his trade at the Culinary Institute of America in New York City and joined Hilton International where, for years, he helped launch successful eating establishments in hotels in many parts of the world, trained restaurant personnel, and created appealing and tasty menus. Even while working for Hilton, Barillas volunteered for the American Cancer Society and taught Taking Control seminars. At my church, he incorporated his vegetarian cooking specialty--instructing us how to take control of our lives by eating properly.

Chef Julio spoke on stress, foods that contribute to stress and foods that lower stress; nutrition through better product selection from your local grocery store; weight control, selecting foods that promote a satisfied feeling while enhancing weight loss; plants, foods vitamins and minerals, fats and the proper use of water along with issues affecting personal health. Sunday’s session featured a “hands-on” meal preparation for the seminar participants. A gourmet meal was served that was all plant-based and high in flavor and nutrition.

Thank you Chef Julio for visiting our church and for all your help. Well done!

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